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Financial Security Shouldn’t Cost Peace of Mind

Let’s talk money.

Like most people, the topic of money and financial stability is one that’s viewed as taboo or inappropriate. From our perspective, that’s only complicating our efforts to bring real change to our community—especially where financial stability is concerned.

The reality for far too many people is the edge—the edge of either financial security or poverty. It’s often only one emergency event away, like medical bills. Accidents. Car issues. Household repairs.

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Parent and child

Child Care (Crisis)

Above housing, food access, and even education, the childcare crisis in Minnesota has been the #1 issue presented to our organization. Even before the unprecedented health and economic crisis further complicated the issue. We must work together to address this critical area and we must do it now.

The lack of child care access is a cyclical issue; without support to assist families and children, parents are unable to work, or work the positions they desire. Without work and steady income, financial instability affects housing, access to food, emergency funds, and other needs.

Becoming a parent shouldn’t mean having to prioritize family over career. And it shouldn’t inhibit people from living and providing stable lives.

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Community Child Care Fund

Our goal through this fund is to increase the availability of quality child care services as we work to rebuild our economy, assist secondary education institutions in educating the future workforce, and raise families out of poverty.

Funds will be available at all times benefitting child care professionals and families alike. The funds could be used towards:

  • Staff training & certification
  • Non-wage expenses like food, supplies and property taxes
  • Expanding existing spaces or facilities
  • Equipment
  • Registration fees
  • Monthly child care subsidy
  • Backup child care
  • Microloans or grants
Two children


Over 25 percent of people spend more than half of their income on rent.

And some people are unable to even afford rent and have nowhere stable to call home. Since Central Minnesota isn’t considered a true metropolitan area, there tends to be less focus on the prevalence of homelessness in our community.

Through United Way, we help address barriers to housing including high rent, down payments, and past housing references. Without affordable, safe housing options for local families, our workforce and economic longevity both take hits. It’s about more than a place to live; it’s about a place to call home.

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Income Means Independence

Sometimes the numbers just don’t add up.

The poverty line is considered around $25,750 annual income for a family of four, and 25 percent of people in Central MN are working full-time yet are still in poverty. How can we close that gap? How can financial stability ever be a goal if the distance between input and output seems so drastic? With your help and the continued support of donations from so many concerned individuals. That’s how.

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Raise Your Hand to Fund Hope

You might think your financial donation won’t do much. That’s where we come in. We know the need and financial gap in our community is wide and it can be overwhelming to know where and how to help—as well as where and how to find help.

Let the United Way of Central Minnesota provide clarity for both.


renters in Central Minnesota are cost-burdened, facing monthly choices between food, shelter, and health.


Gary & Ranji

United Way of Central Minnesota is connecting people and resources to strengthen our community. Watch how our programs have changed the lives of Gary & Ranji.

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