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To Live Better, We Must Live United

Mobilizing the Caring Power Of central Minnesota

Education Education

We strive to provide struggling youth in Central Minnesota with the tools needed to build a successful future — from tailored teaching and mentors to meaningful after-school programs. Education is everything, and every single person’s right.

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Health Health

With your help, we can provide nutritious food, physical and mental health programs, homelessness assistance, fitness activities, and more to those who need it. Talk about a moving tribute.

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Financial Stability Financial Stability

When an individual or family needs assistance, we act as a direct link to the financial resources and programs required to help them proudly achieve independence and more importantly, a belief in themselves.

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That’s What We Do.

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The Impact Pact

Stories that pull at the heartstrings and inspiring people and causes are one thing. Tangible results and effort combined with action are what the United Way of Central Minnesota is truly about. We know impact matters more than anything else. In one year, we directly and positively impacted the lives of nearly 100,000 people living in our community. Together we can make that number even bigger. We promise to continue to strive towards impact every single day.

See the Impact of Your Contribution

15 Nutritious Meals for Low-Income Children During the Summer (Yes Network- Summer Lunch Program)
9 Hot Meals for Older Adults Allowing Them to Remain In Their Homes (St. Cloud Hospital - Home Delivered Meals)
3 Nights Lodging and Support for a Child or Adult Experiencing Homelessness (The Salvation Army - Emergency Shelter)
20 Hours of Emergency Childcare for a Family in a Crisis Situation (Crisis Nursery - Lutheran Social Services)
Classes for older adults to keep them independent (Third Age university)
Resource Referrals to Individuals Seeking Help for Themselves, Family or Friends (United Way 2-1-1)
Hours of individual education on budgeting and debt management (Independent Lifestyles: PROFIT)
Books Provided to Local Children to Help Them Prepare for Success in Kindergarten (Imagination Library)
Days of One-to-One Assistance for a Prekindergarten Child to Gain Reading Skills (Serve Minnesota -- Reading Corps)
Hours of Mentoring, Guidance and Support for a Child (Big Brothers Big Sisters - Mentoring for Educational Success)
Hours for children/youth with disabilities to participate in out of school activities with their peers (ARISE - Support for Children)
Households getting application assistance with SNAP and gaining access to food resources (TriCap SNAP Outreach)
Hours of Diagnostic mental assesment or therapy for a child and family (Village Family Services: Early Childhood Mental Health Program)
Hours of volunteer time helping a child or helping families get food (Greater St. Cloud Area RSVP)
Make the Impact. Donate Now.

Help Bring Change to: Gloria

Gloria is 34. She could be your neighbor, a woman you run into at the grocery store, or someone living in your community. Like so many others who live in poverty, Gloria is fighting against many barriers to simply keep a roof over her family’s head and food on the table. Gloria is Central Minnesota. Gloria is who we’re fighting to bring change to.

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Need Help Now?

If you or someone you know could use a helping hand with education, finances, or a healthier life, we're here for you right now no matter how urgent. Dial 211 from any phone to be immediately connected to a trained, empathetic United Way specialist dedicated to listening, offering support, and sharing resources most suitable for what you and your family needs. Even if you’re unsure of where to start, calling 211 is the best possible place to begin.

We’re here for you, day and night.