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The Gift of a Lifetime

What is planned giving? Think of it twofold. One, it’s future-proofing the goals and initiatives of United Way of Central Minnesota, and two it’s ensuring people’s vision for their legacy is carried out as desired. A planned gift isn’t just about end of life and endowment-type gifts either; United Way offers several ways to plan giving in an organized, easily managed way like 401k* for United Way™ and/or IRA for United Way™.

*other qualifying plans include 401A, 403B and 457 (talk with your financial representative to confirm your plan).

Planning with Purpose

Thoughtful, intentional planning helps make a significant difference for future generations and ensures our Greatest Needs fund is a safety net stronghold. Our pillars of focus including education, health, and financial stability all benefit from the care and fortitude of planned giving.

A single endowment or a planned schedule of donations can be tailored to anyone’s specific wishes or arrangements. United Way of Central Minnesota’s Planned Giving team is honored to assist you and your advisors in the best legacy decision anyone can make. Your planned giving also benefits you and your family by:

  • Offering tax reductions
  • Conserving wealth
  • Increasing income
  • Fulfilling philanthropic goals 
  • Fostering special interests
  • Promoting lineage

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Thank you to our Granite Society members who are tackling problems in perpetuity, leaving a legacy of caring and commitment.

This growing group of members will change lives for the better today – and tomorrow. 

Dick Anderson
Rick and Helga Bauerly
Susanne Barkalow
Jason Bernick
Mark Bernick and Kathleen Crawford Bernick
Dick and Mimi Bitzan
JoAnn Cagle
Pam Christianson
Jason and Lori Eich
Michael and Robin Ferrian
Melinda Gau
Brad and Lisa Hanson
Adam and Tiffany Heathcote
Mark and JoAnn Henry
Dan Hollenhorst and Juliana Elchert
Jim and Janet Knoblach
Chris LeDuc and Adam Whitten
Rose and Richard Maidl
Gary and Jane Marsden
James Mueller
Scoop Reif
Jon and Joy Ruis
Chris Shorba
Kevin and Anita Spellacy
Virgil Turenow
Dianne Tuff and Murdoch Johnson
2 Anonymous
1 in 4

households pay more than half of their income on rent.