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More than Money. More than a Movement.

How We Do It

Time, talent and treasure. Change doesn't happen alone, which is why we have developed unique ways to contribute to the Central Minnesota community we love. People can give, advocate or volunteer — as individuals or organizations. Whatever works best for you is great, because it all works toward the betterment of the place we proudly call home in the Land of 10,000 Lakes. Everyone has a distinct reason why he or she feels compelled or drawn to support philanthropy and causes. We think we embrace that philosophy for the greater good of our organization.

Join the Cause

Good company

We’re in Good Company in Central Minnesota

We're immensely proud of the Central Minnesota businesses who have participated in workplace giving efforts and recognize the irreplaceable backbone those employee contributions create on behalf of our impact. They support our local mission to improve education, financial stability and health in countless ways. Join them at YOUR business, big or small, traditional or next generation-style, and unite your staff around a noble effort that will boost morale, idea sharing and good vibes within your organization. Now that’s a culture perk.

Champion a Workplace Campaign at Your Company
Doing good

Doing Good Together

For corporations, governments, nonprofits and other organizations who partner with United Way of Central Minnesota, the support is neither an expense nor a gift. It is an investment, and an invitation to share ideas and volunteer to build a stronger community using the platform we’ve been given. That ultimately benefits every corporate partner in our region.

I Want to Help
Caring power

Caring Power, Mobilized

As a recognized United Way of Central Minnesota donor, you inherit special opportunities to volunteer and attend events to connect with like-minded professionals. Many of our recognized givers have volunteered on committees and other initiatives, and by so doing have received a boost in business or career opportunities, not to mention the irreplaceable spirit of giving that just makes a person feel good.

I Want to Give
Gift of a lifetime

The Gift of a Lifetime

The old saying "You can't take it with you" is true indeed. So, as individuals plan their legacies to take care of loved ones for generations to come, it's also important to consider the well-being of the community people spent decades loving, serving, and supporting. That's where our Planned Giving opportunities really shine. Our gracious donors' light shines every day on those we help and there’s no greater honor than helping tell that story on their behalf.

Learn More About Planned Giving

individuals were connected with resources to stabilize living conditions.

Pick Your Path, Plan Your Impact

You've decided to become a part of the change. Congratulations and thank you! Now, just choose the path that's right for you … Today you can make an impact no matter which path you choose. Your support means everything to someone else. Doesn’t that make you feel good?