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Small Business. Big Impact.

Small Business United 365 (SBU365) is a group of local small business owners committed to investing in ongoing, impactful and meaningful work in Central Minnesota through United Way. While United Way of Central Minnesota has been bringing businesses, individuals, and organizations together to advance the common good for more than 50 years, SBU365 makes philanthropy easier and more rewarding for small businesses throughout Central Minnesota.



HomeBASE Microloan Initiative

SBU365 has identified a major barrier to stable housing for families in our community, rental deposits. The HomeBASE microloan initiative was created to combat that barrier. 

HomeBASE stands for: 

B – Break Barriers

A – Address Inequities

S – Secure Housing

E – Encourage Sustainability

Typically, a $800-$1,500 wall stands between a working family and a stable living situation.  This program provides microloans to qualified individuals and will help ensure the family has access to a place to call home.

Small Business United 365@ SCSU
Small Business United 365

Benefits of Membership

The Small Business United 365 group will help your business:

  • Share your Brand Story
  • Connect with like- minded business leaders
  • Provide opportunities for new business
  • Help with philanthropic counsel & support
  • Create innovative strategies to invest in the community
  • Provide volunteer opportunities
  • Promote idea sharing discussions
  • Participate in United Way and community events
  • Invest in community solutions
  • Provide an in depth look & education of the needs in our community
  • Boost you and your business as a philanthropic leaders of Central Minnesota
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Current SBU365 Members