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Our Committees

Our work would not be possible without our committed and caring volunteers — people just like you — who are giving time and talent to improve the quality of life across our community. There are all kinds of ways to get involved and help further our mission. Whether you help plan one of our many events or step up to serve on our investment committee and help to make the decisions that will shape our community.

Investment committee

Investment Committee

The Investment Committee's responsibilities include:

  • Reviewing funding applications
  • Meeting with representatives from each agency applying for funding
  • Developing funding recommendations
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Finance committee

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee 's responsibilities include:

  • Review and recommend Board of Director’s acceptance of monthly financial statements
  • Review and recommend Board of Director’s approval of annual budget, Audited Financial Statement, and organization’s tax return.
  • Advise organization in the selection of an independent auditor, accounting standards and rulings, tax preparation, capital expenditures, and other financial matters as needed.
  • Oversight of organization’s investments, investment policy, and investment firm.
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Leader in Giving Cabinet

The Leader in Giving Committee's responsibilities include:

  • Be a Champion in your organization and the community in support of giving the "United Way".
  • Thank our Leaders in Giving for past donations
  • Connect and network with other Leadership donors for United Way and the community
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Workplace Giving Cabinet

The Workplace Giving Cabinet's responsibilities include:

  • Schedule and complete Corporate Leader calls
  • Work with United Way and local CEO’s to form long lasting partnerships
  • Advocate for year round United Way events and activities.
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Planned Gift Action Committee

The Planned Gift Action Committee's responsibilities include:

  • Act as an advocate or solicitor on behalf of United Way of Central Minnesota (UWCM) and accompany staff and fellow volunteers on relationship building and solicitation calls
  • Champion United Way’s goals and key messages of the Planned Giving Committee
  • Recommend and open doors to prospective donors for UWCM endowment
  • Be available for advisory calls and assist staff as requested
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Advistory committee

Planned Giving Advisory Committee

The Planned Giving Advisory Committee's responsibilities include:

  • Act as an advocate or solicitor on behalf of United Way of Central Minnesota (UWCM)
  • Assist in the development and annual review of Granite Society and planned gift policies
  • Considering your expertise, advise the CEO, Director of Major Gifts and Planned Giving and UWCM staff on current issues in state planning, wealth management, tax, endowment, and legacy-building
  • Assist in the education and cultivation of other financial and estate planning professionals
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Imagination Library Progressive Dinner Committee

The ILPD Committee's responsibilities include:

  • Recruitment of hosts & chefs
  • Marketing - including design, approval, and distribution
  • Securing sponsorships
  • Event Planning - both prior to the event and the evening of the event
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Raise your Hand

If you're interested in serving on any of our committees, or would like more information about them, get in touch.

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