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United Way Back When

Central Minnesota Strong Since 1967. The United Way worldwide brand is over 125 years old and was founded in Denver by a mixed background group comprised of a local woman, a priest, two ministers, and a rabbi. Even in 1887 they recognized the collective impact they had to combine forces for the greater good. The result of that group is United Way.

A Foundation to Forever

Locally, United Way of Central Minnesota got its start in 1967 as United Fund: St. Cloud Area. Run by volunteers, those first efforts were targeted at 15 local agencies and raised more than a quarter million dollars in the inception year of service. The community’s acceptance, support, and enthusiasm of united, community-wide initiatives was all the momentum needed to establish as what we know as United Way of Central Minnesota today. Throughout the 1980’s and 1990’s, increased donations meant our focus areas could expand beyond the geography of St. Cloud into the surrounding communities and families. In 2000, we officially became United Way of Central Minnesota.

For 50+ years, we’ve put our stamp and hope on the heartland of the state and serve over 176,257 people annually. We’ve grown from a humble fundraising organization into an epic social task force working alongside legions of people from diverse backgrounds to continue to bring change to Central Minnesota.

Change doesn’t happen alone.

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of the homeless population are young people under 24 years old.