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When a neighbor needs help, Minnesotans pitch in. We don’t give it a second thought. There are people who could use a little help right now, and right here in the neighborhood we call Central Minnesota. Some are students who need learning assistance and mentorship. Others are parents struggling to provide healthy food and a safe environment for their families. Helping them is what we do at United Way of Central Minnesota. Change doesn’t happen alone.

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Life long lessons

Life-Long Lessons

Did you know that 20 percent of local students don’t graduate from high school on time? It doesn’t happen suddenly. Rather, it’s a problem that often extends back to kindergarten readiness. That’s why we get involved in education and literacy all the way from pre-school to career and college readiness. We believe all kids in Central Minnesota deserve the tools to build a successful future, and with your help, we can deliver outstanding educational programs and life-changing mentor opportunities.

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Giving is fulfilling

Giving is Fulfilling

Imagine not being able to pay your heating bill. For countless neighbors in Central Minnesota, it’s a reality. And you know how cold it gets here. This is just one example of a financial hardship that we strive to solve in our community. We do it by connecting those in need with the programs and education required to get back on their financially-stable feet. With programs like prescription drug discounts, emergency food and shelter, credit counseling, and job skills training, United Way improves lives.

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Feeling Good

Feel Good About Health

Central Minnesota is one of the world’s best places to live in. No argument there. Yet, for thousands of our neighbors struggling with health issues, it can feel like a hopeless spot. As the name implies, our mission is to be the WAY to UNITE these people with the resources they need. This includes nutritious food, access to mental health programs, homelessness assistance, fitness activities, and much more. We can’t do it without our generous donors and kind volunteers. So to all of you, thank you for making a change.

Say Yes for the Health of It

kids received Imagination Library books.


Help Bring Change to: Tianna

Tianna found herself homeless with her 14-month old son, Thorn, after leaving an abusive relationship. She took the first step in changing her life. She called the United Way’s service number 2-1-1 (211) and found The Salvation Army. Securing a safe and stable environment for Thorn was one of the biggest obstacles Tianna wanted to get past. Tianna is Central Minnesota. Tianna is who we’re fighting to bring change to.

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