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Pitching In Never Felt So Good

Why We Do It

We roll up our sleeves and help others in Central Minnesota because it not only improves individual lives, it enriches the entire community. We do it because, quite simply, it's the right thing to do.

Local Change, Global Impact

34% of young people in Korea don't have access to quality healthcare. What does that have to do with Central Minnesota? Well, because every regional United Way organization rallies around a unified mission and shared resources. What does this mean? What we achieve in one corner of the world makes the whole planet a better place. Change doesn’t happen alone and it certainly doesn’t happen in isolation. And, while United Way works worldwide, if you donate here in Central Minnesota, your money stays here. It impacts this community, always.

United Way of Central Minnesota has been dedicated to our community since The Beatles' "All You Need is Love" was on top of the charts — in 1967. While love certainly helps carry out our mission, it takes a little more than passion to make a measurable impact. We help neighbors get the education, healthcare, and financial resources they need in order to live the life they deserve.

As a worldwide organization, United Way has evolved to meet the needs of the times for more than 125 years. Across that entire span of time, the mission to connect people in need with key resources has never wavered.

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Impact, Measured in Numbers & Smiles

When the data comes in and we see how many lives we've changed, and to what degree, it makes us happy. Altruism works that way, which is a wonderful thing. Every financial decision United Way of Central Minnesota makes is heavily considered, benchmarked, and analyzed to ensure we’re making the biggest impact we can in the places (and people!) that need it most.

Join Our Numbers
A family is able to settle their landlord dispute thanks to their attorney through Mid MN Legal Aid.

Help Bring Change to: Brandon

Brandon has uncontrollable aggressive behaviors that get him in trouble with his parents as well as at the schools he attended. He’s been expelled from three separate schools. Brandon is only four years old. It was time for a change to happen for this little boy. He and his family were referred to the Village Family Service Center where they meet weekly with a therapist to help him acquire the tools and support to bring change his behavior. He’s even developing friendships. Everything is better with a friend. Brandon is Central Minnesota.

Brandon is who we’re fighting to bring change to.

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