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Help Solve the Central MN Child Care Crisis

Did you know there are over 4,400 kids in our community who need child care?

Without that care, thousands of families are unable to work, making poverty in our community a very real issue. According to data, 24 percent of parents surveyed have withdrawn from the workforce or declined employment due to child care arrangements.

We are taking action NOW and we need YOU.

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Why is this Important?

  • It's necessary for our local economy to have an available workforce—and we need child care options for that to happen
  • We need stability for child care providers to continue quality care for our children
  • It's essential to prepare children (our future) to be successful in school and beyond
  • It's critical to raise families out of poverty by providing the opportunity for gainful employment in our community
  • Without it, children have an unstable learning environment
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What's Needed?

Your commitment and compassion will help us drive efforts to immediate action and support. 

Funds—we've created a Community Child Care Fund to address the quality and availability of childcare in our community. 

Time—we outlined the timeline for launching the fund and reaching milestones.

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How funds will be used


  1. Grant care providers the PPE supplies needed now (face coverings, hand sanitizer, thermometers, cleaning supplies)
  2. Pay for child care deposit fees
  3. Subsidize care costs for low-income families  entering/re-entering the workforce


  1. Pay for provider training fees
  2. No/low-interest loans for new in-home childcare start-ups 
  3. Fund provider capacity enhancements
  4. Subsidize scholarships for future child care career


  1. Look at opportunities for new facilities
  2. Identify emerging opportunities occurring across the country to emulate
  3. Parental support & resources to support early childhood development 
  4. Investment in quality care and Pre-K education
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Who Benefits?

  • Children across our community
  • Families needing reliable child care
  • Our current and future workforce
  • Individuals looking for new careers in child care
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Get Involved

Child care is a community issue. Your impact and experience can make a lasting impact on our community and future. Donate today or join our Financial Stability Advisory Board.

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