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“Systems Change” Network Designation

StriveTogether, a network of organizations impacting 14 million+ youth across 30 states and D.C., recognized United Way of Central Minnesota (UWCM) Partner for Student Success as a “Systems Change” member. StriveTogether works with 70+ organizations, like United Way of Central Minnesota, to close gaps in education, health and housing and to ensure every child is successful from cradle to career.

UWCM Partner for Student Success earned this new designation by influencing lives locally and shifting policies supporting positive outcomes for young people and those who care for  them. Examples of this work include:

  • Growing the “Preschool 4 Success” program for parents of preschoolers
  • Funding local family advocates
  • Strengthening afterschool programs via data collection
  • Engaging over 4,000 students from 29 area high schools with Exploring Potential Interests and Careers (EPIC) tools and programs

This is what StriveTogether President and CEO Jennifer Blatz says about the honor: “United Way of Central Minnesota Partner for Student Success has, as an organization, reached an important milestone by galvanizing the community around a common vision and effective data use. Our network is taking bold steps to improve how systems serve youth and families.”

From the start, United Way Partner for Student Success has brought together many partners and collaborated with school leaders, educators, businesses and officials to improve the educational opportunities that impact youth and families in the greater St. Cloud area.

As one of only 16 “Systems Change” StriveTogether network members, UWCM Partner for Student Success aims to sustain and expand its efforts, making sure to incorporate the voices of local youth and caregivers in its work.

UWCM Vice President of Education, Amy Trombley, sees the new “Systems Change” designation as the result of many partners’ efforts to transform Central Minnesota into a place where all may succeed. “When communities work together, they are able to change systems and structures that create better, more equitable results, for everyone.”

Published on Aug 18, 2023 1:14:46 PM

Topics: Education, Student Success, Collective Impact