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United Way of Central Minnesota (UWCM) is set to invest nearly 3.5 million dollars in communities across Central Minnesota. Of these funds, $1,040,208 will be allocated to more than 50 local programs who address local needs within United Way’s four focus areas: education, health, financial stability and safety net, which supports ongoing community issues like emergency shelter and food distribution. An additional $68,633 will be reserved for responsive funding throughout the year.

United Way of Central Minnesota’s Board of Directors is committed to focusing on solutions for some of the greatest challenges facing the community.

“Our community’s strength lies in our ability to come together and address pressing needs with innovative solutions. This investment is a testament to our dedication to creating lasting change and improving the quality of life for all residents in Central Minnesota,” explained Steve Windfeldt, UWCM’s Board of Directors Chair.

Thirty-three volunteers gave 894 hours reviewing agency funding requests during United Way’s vetting process. Grant applications under review needed to explain how their organization's work benefits the community, aligns with UWCM goals, addresses regional issues and serves the population of Central Minnesota. 

Additionally, agencies were required to present a clear picture of their financial standing, including details on how much of the requested funds would go toward administrative and operational expenses. They needed to prove compliance with all federal and state financial regulations, disclose all revenue streams and provide current financial audit reports.

Beyond these investments, UWCM will also invest over $2.2 million in grant dollars for initiatives to support youth and families from cradle to career, including after-school programming, child care, financial security, and volunteer programming. Finally, nearly $200,000 will be invested in Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library to ensure children in Central Minnesota can access age-appropriate, high-quality books for no cost to the family.

United Way of Central Minnesota’s President and Chief Executive Officer, Stephen Jones, sums up why this is important for our region:

“By investing in these critical areas, we are not just addressing immediate needs but also building a stronger, more resilient community for the future. These funds will empower United Way and other local organizations to make a tangible difference in the lives of our residents.”

Full Program Investment List

Published on Jun 17, 2024 12:31:19 PM

Topics: Education, Health, Financial Stability, Collective Impact, Safety Net, Partnerships, Investments