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Championing Education is Smart

Education is the backbone of every community. How we learn from the world around us starts in infancy and molds individuals for life. Access to the programs and support in education is the right of every single person in Central Minnesota. Knowing the challenges and adversity facing our young people means we can help address obstacles to education and prioritize how best to help.

Advocate for Education in Central MN
Education before school

The Importance of Education Before School

Over half the kids entering kindergarten in Central Minnesota aren’t meeting literacy standards. Imagine being behind before even starting school. That’s the stark reality for a lot of young people as they navigate the education system for the first time. It goes without saying, the students who aren’t meeting literacy standards as five and six year olds will have a hard time meeting traditional benchmarks along the way of their entire education.

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Student success

There’s More to Success Than Enrollment

As students age, life becomes more complex. It’s simply a reality of humanity. For a lot of students, school is a safe haven and place of comfort and routine. For a lot of other students, school is stressful, complicated, and another source of worry of anxiety. Tailoring the education experience to each unique perspective and helping everyone reach his or her own interpretation of success in schools is what United Way of Central Minnesota is committed to.

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Next generation

Preparing the Next Generation

Students eventually all become adults and independent members of society. Helping young people reach their potential regardless of the adversity they’re faced with in school means a better community for all of us. We tackle graduation rates and mentorship programs that help bring vision and accountability to students who need bolstering. It takes more than schools to help prepare the generation as they ready themselves for whatever is next — college, career, military, any path they choose.

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young children were active in programs building their pre-literacy and reading skills.


Help Bring Change to: Gloria

Gloria is 34. She could be your neighbor, a woman you run into at the grocery store, or someone living in your community. Like so many others who live in poverty, Gloria is fighting against many barriers to simply keep a roof over her family’s head and food on the table. Gloria is Central Minnesota. Gloria is who we’re fighting to bring change to.

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