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Young Leaders United: Speaker Series

Young Leaders United: Speaker Series

May 26, 2021 | 6:00 PM – 7:00 PM

United Way’s Young Leaders United group is hosting a virtual speaker series this winter to meet the most pressing needs of young professionals.  

As we continue to adjust to working remotely and facing increased limits to social interactions, it’s important that we continue to build leadership and professional skills while also taking time to support their personal wellbeing and the health of our communities.

Join us for this virtual series as local experts explore topics like career-building skills, mental health and physical wellbeing, the local community, and more.

These sessions will be most appropriate for those ages 18-35, are free to attend, and held virtually through Zoom. 

Upcoming Series


We Want You AND Your Soft Skills
May 26, 2021 |  6pm
Speaker: Jenny Musech

All companies are different, but many of us have some of the same requirements of a candidate when we interview. Ability to perform essential functions and experience play a key factor in who we hire, but did you know that your soft skills ability can play an even bigger part? Soft skills are the personal attributes that enable someone to interact effectively and harmoniously with other people. Some examples are communication, problem-solving, creativity, adaptability, and work ethic. So, do you have the right soft skills for the job? During the presentation we will talk about the high demand of various soft skills, how you can best portray your soft skills and how you can sharpen the soft skills you may already have. Because…. We want you AND your soft skills!



Jenny Musech is a human resource professional with 13+ years of progressive HR experience. She loves what she does and is passionate about people. She likes to ensure that the “human” stays in human resources and that every employee is treated like a person, not just a number. Jenny has worked for multiple employers in the St. Cloud market and has been with PCI for over 2 years as their Director of HR & Organizational Development. She continues to drive new strategies and engagement tactics amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Jenny is known for her outgoing and upbeat personality and loves to tell stories, share best practices, and empower current and future leaders of all generations.
St. Cloud Police: Proactive Mental Health Programs
& Responding to Mental Health Emergencies
June 30, 2021 |  6pm
Speaker: Sgt. Tad Hoeschen

Sgt. Hoeschen will present on the proactive mental health programs and the community collaborations in which the St Cloud Police Department is engaged in.  Additionally, Sgt. Hoeschen will provide information and tips on how to work with and positively interact with those affected by a mental health emergency.


Sgt. Hoeschen has 23 years of Law Enforcement experience, and has served with the St Cloud Police Department since 2000.  Sgt. Hoeschen has a B.S. in Communication Studies from South Dakota State University and M.A. in Criminal Justice Leadership from Concordia University- St. Paul.  Throughout his career, Sgt. Hoeschen has been a Field Training Officer, Investigator, School Resource Officer, Firearms Instructor, Defensive Tactics Instructor, Chaplain Liaison, and was on the St Cloud Police SWAT Team for 10 years.

Sgt. Hoeschen is currently a supervisor within the department’s Community Engagement Division, overseeing the Community Crime Impact Team, Mental Health Co-Responder, Crime Prevention, as well as the Housing and Redevelopment Authority officer position.  All of these programs are designed to proactively work with the community to help solve a wide variety of problems facing those who live, work, and visit in the St Cloud area.


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