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Workplace Champion Campaign Training

Workplace Champion Campaign Training

August 19, 2020 | 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM

As a Workplace Champion, you bring the work of United Way to life - in board rooms, break rooms, luncheons, leadership meetings, conversations with co-workers, and campaign activities of all kinds. You educate your peers about why United Way is the best way to make the biggest difference in our community and you inspire them to do something about it.

We encourage each Workplace Champion to attend training and to make it easy we have split our training into three sessions: 
Session 1- United Way 101:
July 29th, 2020 
At this session, you'll hear all about who we are and what we do. This session is great for first-time Workplace Champions to learn how to talk to their team about United Way but it's also a great refresher for our Workplace Champion Veterans.
Our community is always changing, and so is United Way!
Session 2- You've Been Volun-told, Now What? :
August 5th, 2020
Whether you were the first person to Raise Your Hand and volunteer as a Workplace Champion, or your boss "Volun-told" you that you would be doing it,  this session is all about running a great campaign. From best practices to tips and tricks for smooth sailing we will make sure you are prepared. 
Session 3- Dunk Tanks, Super Heroes, and Hand Raisers, OH MY!:
August 19th, 2020
This is the fan-favorite part of training. During this session, we will walk you through all the crazy, silly, and fun, themes and special events that will add excitement to your campaign. We will also discuss what to do if you need to run a virtual campaign within your company. Finally, we will wrap up with explaining our "Hand Raiser" theme that is available to you for a super easy theme option. 
Sign up for 1 or all 3 sessions! They will be really fun and engaging sessions to learn from the United Way Staff as well as share ideas and tips with each other. Plus, you can expect all the fun treats, prizes, and giveaways that we always have in our live session. 
We can't wait to see you! 

COVID-19 Resources: Learn more about how United Way is continuing to support the community during this difficult time.