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United Way's Amazing-est Race

United Way's Amazing-est Race

August 28, 2021 | 9:30 AM – 12:30 PM

United Way of Central Minnesota's
The Amazing-est Race 
Presented by: GeoComm

Saturday, August 28, 2021
9:30am - 12:30pm
St. Cloud Area

If you're a fan of the television show you're going to love UNITED WAY'S AMAZING-EST RACE!
Get ready to search, run, jump, dance, skip, sing, eat, draw, and have an AMAZING day
all while supporting mental health in Central Minnesota!!



Amazing-est Race will take teams throughout downtown St. Cloud as they try to earn the most points by solving clues and completing challenges before the two-hour time limit is up.   

Challenges will include a variety of tasks, such as:  finding hidden items, solving clues to specific locations, and new to 2021, many of the clues will include stops at local businesses! Each challenge will be worth different point values so teams will need to strategize how to earn the most points. 

You will use your creativity, knowledge of St. Cloud, and of course your feet to race your way to first place!




This year we are 100% back in person!

All teams will start at the same location with the same challenge. When your team completes the initial challenge you will be handed a packet containing all the clues you need to lead you through St. Cloud. The clues can be completed in any order, but you only have 2 hours to complete the challenges and get back to the finish line!

This year the race will be completed on foot. No use of cars, bikes, skateboards, horses, or hovercraft is allowed.

While you will need at least one cell phone or camera to document your challenges, this year you will also face many “judged challenges”. At these stops, there will be a judge present to confirm that you completed the task as required!

When you cross the finish line, your team captain will submit your photos and other documentation needed to earn your points. The team with the most points will be the winner. If two teams earn the same number of points, the team that finished first will be awarded the 1stplace prize.  

Prizes will be awarded following the end of the race.



Top finishing teams will be awarded cash prizes!
(ok, not technically cash, it will be in the form of a check, but that's just for our accounting department!) 

Your team will need to earn the most points by completing challenges, AND cross the finish line before your competitors to take home the prizes!

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Team check-in as well as the start and end of the race will take place at Bremer Bank in downtown St. Cloud.

The remaining challenges will be located throughout the downtown St. Cloud area. We invite your family and friends to come help cheer on teams during the start and end of the race at Bremer.



 Adults (12+) - $30

Children (under 12)* - $15

*There is no age requirement to participate in the race, but many of the challenges may be difficult for those under the age of 10. If you are a competitive group going for the win, we recommend leaving the little ones with a sitter. However, if you are just in it to have a fun day you should be just fine. 



 New to the race this year, teams will have the ability to fundraise to earn a head start in the race! After your team registers, you will receive a link to your very own team fundraising site. You can share this link out to family and friends to help you earn a special bonus! 

Teams will receive a head start based on the amount of money they raise to support United Way's mental health initiative. This means you will start your challenges 1, 2, or 3 minutes earlier than the other teams! And these minutes matter. Along your race you may have to wait in lines if other teams are trying to complete a challenge. Make sure you're first by getting a head start!

Bonus levels:

$500 Raised = 3 minute head start

$350 Raised = 2 minute head start

$200 Raised = 1 minute head start

This is a bonus you can feel good about! All funds raised will go towards supporting United Way of Central Minnesota's mental health initiative! 

(These bonus minutes are in addition to the 2 hour time limit.)




  1. Can families participate?  Yes! We heard how much fun you had last year participating as a family so we are continuing the race as teams of 2-4. While we haven’t put an age requirement on the event, some challenges may be too difficult for those under the age of 10. If you are a competitive group going for the win, we recommend leaving the little ones with a sitter. However, if you are just in it to have a fun day you should be just fine.  Please reach out to us with specific questions.
  2. Do I need to be a runner? Nope! Although this year is all on foot, it’s also about strategy, problem-solving, and skill!
  3.  May I use a scooter or other form of wheels? No! This is a big change for 2021! This year will all be on foot. We will have judges out in the area, if you are caught using any type of transportation you will be disqualified.
  4. Do I have to use my cell phone? Only one person will be required to take photos of your challenges. Make sure you have at least one cell phone, with a working camera charged and ready to go. 
  5. Do we have to fundraise? No, once you've paid your registration fee you are all set. But all funds raised will support our mental health initiative. So not only will you have fun, you'll be helping your community at the same time!
  6. What if it rains? That will make for better pictures! Grab your raincoat, boots, winter jacket, or sunscreen. This is Minnesota, who knows what will happen! The race will happen despite the weather!
  7. What about refunds? Sorry, we will not be issuing refunds if you cannot participate in the event. 




Questions? Contact Events & Brand Manager Sam Switzer or 320-229-3511