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Mobilizing the Caring Power of Central Minnesota

Welcome to the all-in-one spot for the Rise Up Challenge specific to St. Cloud Technical & Community College. Here, you can access the resources and links you need as well as complete the steps in your own Rise Up Challenge. Simply follow the Ups and you’re well on your way to making an impact on early childhood education & literacy in your community.


Step 1: Sign Up

You’re incredible. You know that, right?


Step 2: Team Up

Together is better.

  • Create your cohort—break into diverse teams
  • Name your team
  • Set expectations, goals, roles, & responsibilities

Step 3: Show Up

Philanthropy looks good on you.

  • Complete tour of United Way of Central Minnesota
  • Complete Q&A session at Action Center

Step 4: Share Up

This is the best part!

  • Create & share your content plan
  • Execute your plan
  • Share & encourage challenge participation with others

Step 5: Meet Up

You’re making incredible differences in the lives of kids in our community.

  • Present Your Content Plan to:
    • United Way of Central Minnesota
    • Leighton Interactive
    • St. Cloud Community & Technical College
    • United Way of Central Minnesota Board of Directors
  • Celebrate + awards & recognition!

But Wait—There’s More

We’d be remiss to not share a few other opportunities we think you might find right up your alley. Your impact and experience can last far beyond a semester or school year.
Thanks for being you & here for it all.

Rise Up Registration



In your corner for anything you may need.

United Way of Central MN—Sam Switzer
320.229.3511 direct
Leighton Interactive—Jen Lawrence
SCTCC—Sheryl Workman